Important Homeowner Opportunity

Important Homeowner Opportunity

Daikin Comfort Promise

"Is it finally time to say goodbye to that old air conditioning system?"

Dear neighbor,

Were you a little…dissatisfied… with your old, inefficient air conditioner this past summer? If you’re considering upgrading in the next few years, I’m about to offer you a compelling reason to do it now… and by the end of this short letter you’ll understand why you should consider such a decision.

Invest in a new Daikin air conditioner and we’ll also give you a high quality Daikin furnace for you at the same time – for free!


• PLUS a SPECIAL FINANCING OFFER and up to $1000 Trade In Rebate

• PLUS we’ll take care of all required code improvements for you as part of our five star service!

Why Am I Making You Such A Great Offer This Fall?

We’ve been serving [ City ] since 2006, and have thousands of delighted customers (check out our 1600+ Google Reviews.) We support the families of many local employees, and I’m very serious about keeping them busy, even in off peak seasons. We took on extra install teams over the year, and unlike other Heating & AC companies, I don’t want to let them go…I’d rather find a way to keep them working through to winter and even next summer.

That’s why I’m willing to do an extra special Pre-Season promotional offer…while it costs us money, it’s worth sacrificing profit so we can cover rent, payroll, insurance and all the other costs of keeping a business open, and we do that by staying as busy as possible every month.

In other words, offering YOU a great deal before the busy seasons actually helps our company and the fine people who work for us…I hope it’s an opportunity you’ll take advantage of, if you have a heating and cooling system that’s getting older, becoming expensive, or that you’re simply not thrilled with.

Save Money On A New Daikin System AND Grab A Free Daikin Furnace

By leveraging our great relationship with award-winning manufacturer, Daikin, the largest manufacturer of air conditioning equipment in the world, we are able to pass on savings on their high quality equipment, especially at this time of year when most contractors aren’t doing much business.

We also know, from decades of experience, that it’s always better to replace an air conditioner and a furnace at the same time. So, we worked hard to be able to bundle in a high quality Daikin furnace for you when you make the decision to replace your AC this Fall.

When you buy a new, high efficiency air conditioning system from Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc. before December 15th, we’ll gift you a brand new Daikin furnace in the size appropriate for your home!

PLEASE NOTE: we can only do this for the first 28 customers who call in – after that our installer teams will be booked up for the month.

Go Ahead And Give Us A Call Right Now

Simply call our friendly team at 602-661-1064 and let them know you’re interested. They’ll arrange a time for one of our knowledgeable project managers to come out to your location to run a complimentary whole home energy audit.

Not only will this help make sure you get a system appropriately sized to your home and needs, it will tell you which Energy Efficiency Rebates may be available to you when you install modern, energy efficient heating & cooling equipment.

Remember – we can only offer this discount to the first 28 customers to call us and say ‘Yes.’ After those spots are allocated, and our install crews are booked up, this offer will be null and void.

Call 602-661-1064 as soon as you can, so we can put your name down and make sure you don’t miss out on this limited opportunity to maximize home comfort, energy efficiency and cost savings!

Rebate Dollars Are Available When You Buy A New System!

SRP funds are once again available for rebates on new air conditioning and furnace equipment when you replace your old, inefficient system, lowering your investment even further! We handle all of the Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) matchups and certification for rebate verification, so that you can have extra peace of mind.

Why? Because much of our city’s power goes to keeping our homes at the right temperature, and state regulators have approved energy saving programs to help you get your inefficient old heating and cooling system off the grid, replaced with a new, modern, electricity saving system.

Please note: SRP Rebates for 2020 are not unlimited and may run out before year end.

We understand that sometimes customers are hesitant or nervous to set an appointment because they don’t want to feel obligated to make a purchase. If that’s you, we want to be very clear:

There is no obligation to buy when our Comfort Advisor visits to run the required energy audit on your home – their job is to simply assess your needs and make a recommendation while explaining your options and available rebates…

If you decide you don’t want to take advantage of this incredible deal (although I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t), it’s absolutely not a problem.

You’re not obligated in any way.

Even if we don’t do work for you right now, we trust you will think of us in the future, or recommend us to your friends and family… we just believe that being helpful is a great way to grow our company’s reputation in the valley.

Convenient Financing Options Are Available

If you’re concerned that a new air conditioning system isn’t in your budget right now – don’t worry!

We know that cash-flow can sometimes be tight, and that’s why we’ve worked with the banks to provide you financing options that fit your budget, making it truly painless for you to upgrade your system and save money on energy bills every month.

AND remember – Daikin will also offer a Trade In Allowance on your old equipment of up to $1000.

Combined with energy efficiency rebates, you can see we’ve really worked hard to make it simple and easy to improve your air conditioning system before this season. And while we can’t promise you this, it’s very possible that the monthly savings on your energy bill could more than make up for your low monthly investment in your new system.


Invest in a new Daikin air conditioner, and we’ll also install a Daikin furnace for you at the same time

at no cost!

• PLUS a significant SRP REBATE

• PLUS CONVENIENT FINANCING OPTIONS* and a Trade In Allowance of up to $1000

• PLUS we’ll take care of all required registration & certifications for you as part of our five star service!

So, if this is for you – give us a call right now. Remember, we are only offering this to the first 28 customers who request it – so you do need to call our office straight away if you’re interested.

PLEASE NOTE: This offer will end on December 15th, 2020, since our business will pick up again soon after – OR once 28 local homeowners have taken the limited spots available, whichever comes first.

Don’t miss out – call our friendly office on 602-661-1064 immediately, let them know you are interested in our special Daikin offer and they will take care of you from there. We look forward to helping you live more comfortably in your home in 2020!

Dannielle Julian Signature

Dannielle Julian, Co-Owner of Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc.

P.S. – be sure to call our office straight away before someone else claims your free furnace…

***Products are eligible based on availability and must be sold/installed/claimed during the offer period. No substitutions or exceptions are allowed. Eligibility is based upon a Daikin comfort system configuration and use of Daikin products. Other restrictions may apply. SRP rebates only available to SRP customers. See your participating independent Daikin dealer for complete program eligibility, dates, details and restrictions. Claims are based on energy (kWh) savings from base equipment to qualifying systems times a Base Electric Rate only. All sales must be to homeowners in the United States. Void where prohibited. Special financing offers OR trade-in allowances from $100 up to $1000 valid on qualifying systems only. All sales must be to homeowners in the United States. Void where prohibited.

*Special Financing Offer – This is a 120-month loan w/approved credit. This loan begins with a 6-month promotion period beginning at approval. Your payments will be calculated at 1.32095% of your total aggregate purchases. Your promotion payments begin approximately 1 month after your first transaction. The number of payments you will actually make will depend on the date of your first transaction as your principal balance will be $0 until your first transaction. The 6-month payment period will be followed by 114 payments of principal and interest based on the remaining balance 6 months after your approval date. Any additional payment above your minimum amount due will be applied to the principal of the loan but will not reduce or eliminate your next, regularly scheduled loan payment. Your interest rate is fixed at 9.99% for the life of the loan. You will have 6 months starting on your approval date during which you can spend your credit limit. You will receive monthly statements during the life of the loan.

Offer expires 12/15/2020.