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Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

If you cook often, your garbage disposal is likely your best friend. It grinds up all the peels and food scraps that make their way down the drain while you’re preparing a delicious home-cooked meal. To keep your trusty appliance in tip-top shape, abide by these garbage disposal maintenance tips:

1. Dislodge food particles with ice

Force old food particles out of your garbage disposal with ice! First, run water down the garbage disposal, and then turn it on. While both the garbage disposal and water are running, add a few cups of ice. Once the ice cubs have been completely cleared, turn off your garbage disposal and turn off the water. This will leave your garbage disposal spick and span!

2. Remove bad smells with lemon peels


There are few things worse than the smell of decaying food particles. If your garbage disposal is emitting a foul odor, follow the steps outlined above, but also add some lemon peels with the ice. Your garbage disposal will smell fresher than ever.

3. Avoid throwing these things into your garbage disposal

Certain food scraps and other materials should not be put in the garbage disposal. They include:

  • Fibrous and stringy fruits and vegetables like corn husks, celery, and onion peels
  • Non-food items like glass, metal, and plastic
  • Drain cleaners

Toss these items in your garbage bin instead in order to keep your garbage disposal in good condition.

Adhering to these garbage disposal maintenance tips should keep your system operating smoothly. Have more pointers on maintaining garbage disposal? Share your ideas with Plumbing Medic on Facebook, and Twitter! If you run into an issue with your garbage disposal, contact us for a quick and reliable fix.