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What Does Reverse Osmosis Do for My Home?

Clean water is a luxury we can not live without.

It’s no argument that clean water is crucial. However, filtered water is a fantastic perk to add to your household. Not to mention a fantastic thing to have in the case of a natural disaster / heavy storm in the area.

Closer to home, municipal water sources are not always sweet springs. They are required to treat raw water with chemicals and minerals to meet purification standards. This may leave you with tap water that is fine for Koolaid, but unfit for the discerning H2O connoisseur. Imagine filtered water straight from the tap!

The key to safe, palatable drinking water may be found in a point-of-use reverse osmosis filtering system that can be installed right under your kitchen sink. Small, portable filters are also available for convenience.

Reverse osmosis is a process of water purification best known for desalinating seawater. In a reverse osmosis system, the water is filtered in stages.

  • The first stage filters out sediment as small as 5 microns.
  • The second stage incorporates a carbon block to remove chlorine, VOCs, herbicides, and pesticides that may damage the osmotic filter.
  • Reverse osmosis occurs in the third stage, as pressure is applied to the concentrated solution (raw water), forcing the solvent against a composite membrane filter. The water passes through, leaving contaminants larger than .0001 microns behind. This includes ions, bacteria, and molecules such as arsenic, fluoride, chromium, and nitrates.

Once the water is purified, it may be re-mineralized to raise the pH and to add minerals for health and flavor.

A home reverse osmosis system can be used anywhere municipal water is not available or is undesirable. Depending on the water source and quantity of use, you can expect to replace the filters about every three months.

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