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How to Stay Cool When Your AC is Down

Surviving the Heat Without AC

Phoenix summers are intense, and you likely have the AC on non-stop. But like any other machine, air conditioners aren’t worry-free. They work hard and need maintenance to avoid inconvenient breakdowns. Breakdowns most often happen during the first heat wave of the year, or the hottest days of summer - causing most HVAC contractors to book up fast. So when you’re without the fresh, cooling relief from your AC, and repair cannot come soon enough what can you do??

Here, we offer some ways to stay cool while waiting for that much-anticipated repair...

Grab Some Ice and a Fan

You may already have fans going, but did you know that you can create a makeshift air conditioner by gathering a bowl of ice? Of course, this requires a working freezer or ice maker, so this becomes difficult when the power is out.

Grab a large fan and place it in a room where you’ll be hanging out for a while. Collect some ice cubes in a bowl and position them in front of the fan. This will work better if you overfill the bowl a bit).

Boom! Cool air! Obviously, this won’t last forever, and on truly sweltering days, it may only last minutes. But it can provide some respite from the heat.

Embrace the Darkness

When we’re outside, we flock to large trees, tents, and canopies to enjoy the shade on a hot, sunny day. The same strategy can work for your home as well. Close the blinds and shut the curtains. Keeping the sun out will help prevent the temperature from building up indoors.

Cook Outside

An oven produces a lot of heat. If you can, fire up the grill and cook outside. This will preserve the temperature inside, and you won’t be working against your efforts to stay cool. Plus, who doesn’t love an impromptu summer cookout? (Don’t forget to close the door behind you!)

Grab a Cold Drink

Perhaps the easiest way to stay cool is with a cold drink! Drinking plenty of water will help keep you from becoming dehydrated and overheated.

AC Repair Experts to the Rescue

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