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Can the Heat Damage My Pipes?

Extreme Heat and Your Pipes

When the temperature gets above 100 like it does every summer, you may wonder how this impacts the different areas of your home. We know that homeowners in colder climates deal with frozen pipes in the winter, which begs the question: what can extreme heat do to pipes?

Since most of your plumbing is behind walls or underground, you may think it’s unaffected by weather changes in the valley, but this isn’t the case. Just like extreme cold, extreme heat can also damage your pipes.

Expanding Pipes

Heat makes your pipes expand. While it may not be noticeable to the eye, this minimal change in pipe sizing can cause leaks or breaks in your pipe infrastructure. The effects of expanding pipes can be even more significant when the pipes are already damaged or have reached a certain age. In extreme cases, expanding pipes can burst, but this is rare.

Also, when your pipes expand or spring leaks, it can cause the water pressure to drop throughout your entire home.

Potential Solutions

One of the best solutions to prevent heat damage to your pipes, especially those that are directly exposed to the elements, is insulation. Insulation will protect your pipes from damaging UV light and prevent pipes from expanding.

It’s also recommended that you keep your home at a comfortable temperature even when youre not at home. Keep your AC on if you leave for work or even a vacation. Just increase the temperature by a few degrees to save money, while still keeping your home protected from extreme heat.

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