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Avoiding Fall Plumbing Disasters

Tips to Avoid a Plumbing Nightmare

Pumpkin carving is one of the quintessential parts of enjoying fall. It’s a great way to spend time with family, and add a spooky element to your home for Halloween.

While pumpkin carving might seem simple and fun, it presents a plumbing hazard — especially if you dispose of the scraps down the sink drain. To avoid a nightmare, here are some tips for handling those pumpkin scraps this fall.

Disposing of Your Pumpkin Pulp

Putting any pumpkin “guts” down your sink drain can cause a major clog — even if you attempt to grind your scraps with the garbage disposal. That being said, it’s important to make sure that you have a big, empty bowl nearby and dump any pumpkin guts into it.

Many homeowners think that pumpkin pulp is safe to dump into their garbage disposal because it’s soft. However, it can actually damage your garbage disposal. When the pulp dries and hardens inside of your plumbing pipes and garbage disposal, it can cause serious drainage problems.

Putting your pumpkin’s insides into a bowl will help keep your drains and pipes clean. Then, once you’re done carving your masterpiece, simply take the contents inside the bowl and toss them in the trash or compost — it’s that simple! You can also just lay out some newspaper or towels to collect the pulp, then dispose of everything when you’re finished.

For a fun and nutritious snack, remove the seeds from the pulp and roast them in the oven! Play with different seasonings to find your fave!

Other Sweet Projects

Fall is also time for lots of baking, decorating, and indulging your sweet tooth (someone has to finish off that leftover Halloween candy)!! While enjoying these activities, remember to keep food scraps, paper products, and baking ingredients out of your drains, or your fun may be put on pause by a nasty clogged drain – or worse.


House guests put a lot of strain on your plumbing system. Peruse our blogs or give us a call for more information on water treatment options, water heater maintenance and upgrades, and other products and services that will protect your equipment, save you money, and prevent unnecessary hassles. One last tip for entertaining – be sure to have a wastebasket in plain sight in the restrooms that guests will be using.

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