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Why Phone Quotes Are Not A Good Practice for Plumbing

Why We Don't Quote Over the Phone

Many homeowners are looking for the best service at a price they can afford and that represents the value of the service they’re receiving. In fact, we’re confident that this is something ALL homeowners want.

We understand that many homeowners want to know the cost before scheduling an appointment, but we actually don’t quote services over the phone. This is actually a policy to make your life easier. Even better, we provide you with a FREE quote! But here’s why it has to be in-home…

We’re Upfront & Transparent

We pride ourselves on being upfront and transparent with all of our customers. When you call Plumbing & A/C Medic for a free quote, one of our licensed professionals will come to your home at the agreed-upon time, diagnose the actual issue, and provide you with an educated cost. Work doesn’t begin until you fully understand the options and costs, and you have agreed to the work to be performed.

Usually, when companies give you a price over the phone, it’s a low-ball number to get their foot in the door. Then, once work has already begun, they’ll find other issues that need fixing or unique challenges due to the way the home was built or the way equipment was previously installed. e This means surprise costs to homeowners…usually in the middle of a job, when the homeowner doesn’t feel like they have any other option. We do not, and would never, operate like this.

We Value Accuracy

Another reason why we don’t quote over the phone is because we want our quote to be accurate. A low-ball number devised out of thin air doesn’t help anyone. It would waste your time…and ours. We’d rather give you an honest and accurate cost based on the knowledge of our expert team. This is something our loyal, repeat customers have always appreciated.

When a licensed plumber visits your home in person, they can see identify the real problem, properly diagnose it — taking into account all the variables necessary (like size and shape of the space, building codes, quality of prior installation, etc.) — and then give you an accurate quote.

Serving Our Community One Home at a Time

At Plumbing & A/C Medic, we treat our customers like we would want our own family to be treated, and \you can feel confident that we’re the team to handle all your home plumbing needs! Contact us today at (602) 975-2306 to experience the 5-Star Service you deserve.