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Orangeburg Sewer Pipe in Tempe


Because Orangeburg pipe is so common in Tempe, the City of Tempe posted this article and interactive map to educate residents. It does a great job explaining what Orangeburg pipe is and why is of concern.

In short, decades ago, many sewer lines were constructed from Orangeburg, a Bituminous Fiber – which deteriorates over time. After about 30 years, you can expect to start having trouble.

If you live in the areas indicated and have had back-ups in your toilets, tubs or sinks its a good idea to have your sewer line inspected. And because these lines are fragile, its imperative to use a licensed professional.

The City of Tempe does note that the map is an approximation. So, if your home is not in an orange-shaded area, but you have experienced clogs or slow drains, call our trained specialists to take a look before any significant damage occurs to your home.

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