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How to Avoid a Kitchen Plumbing Disaster

Your kitchen’s plumbing hates these three substances the most: grease, fat, and oil. Stay ahead of them to avoid clogs and keep your drains happy and healthy! Below we take a closer look at how to avoid a kitchen plumbing disaster:

Understand what makes fat, grease, and oil bad for plumbing. The primary reason why these materials are detrimental to your kitchen’s plumbing is that they are sticky. For this reason, they tend to attach to your pipes, and are often difficult to remove. Oil, fat, and grease can restrict water flow, cause sluggish drains, and result in a clog.

Keep greasy substances out of your pipes. To avoid a kitchen plumbing disaster, it’s essential that you refrain from pouring fat and oil down the drain. Try the following tips:

Dirty Kitchen Sink

  • Scrape plates before rinsing
  • Invest in a strainer to help filter out food
  • Empty cooking oil and grease into a jar or empty coffee can and throw it away
  • Wipe away salad dressings, mayonnaise, and other condiments before rinsing

Have a plumber’s number handy. There are times when, no matter how many preventative steps you’ve taken, you’re going to have to call a professional plumber. And guess what? It usually won’t happen at a time that’s convenient! That’s why we at Plumbing Medicare available 24/7 for emergency service. Keep our number handy, and we’ll bail you out! After all, we live for the opportunity to better someone’s day.


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