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Serving All Phoenix And Surround Cities

Reverse Osmosis Systems in the Phoenix Metro Area

If you drink tap water, you’re probably all too aware of just how strange it might taste. What you might not be aware of is exactly what is in this water you’re drinking.

While our municipal water supply and well water might be considered safe for applications like bathing, cooking, and plenty of other needs, the truth is you might be consuming trace amounts of things you probably would rather not. Water has been known to carry trace amounts of lead, heavy metals, chemical compounds, and even toxic substances like arsenic or mercury.

However, you won’t have to worry about all of that being in your water any longer when you install a reverse osmosis water filtration system into your Phoenix or Gilbert home.

At Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc., we offer installation of high-quality reverse osmosis products, including a wide range of different capacities, features, and designs so you’ll find the perfect one for your needs. We make the installation process fast and easy, and offer great service that stands by our work for your peace of mind.

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How doReverse Osmosis Systems Work?

Reverse osmosis systems utilize a series of fine membranes to remove all kinds of inclusions from your water. Everything from debris and mineral content to dissolved metals and chemical products will come out of your water purely because they can’t travel through this kind of filtration system.

The collected waste is flushed away down the drain while clean water is generally stored in a small tank where it sits ready for use until you need it. From there, the tank can be connected to either a small tap that is mounted to your countertop or even connected to a refrigerator to be utilized in a water dispenser.

Reverse Osmosis Systems Remove All of the Following:

Installing a Reverse Osmosis System

A reverse osmosis system can be installed in virtually any sink setup, though they are typically best installed in kitchens that have a large cabinet space beneath the sink.

Depending on your system, they are typically installed by adding a splitter onto the water line that feeds your kitchen faucet.

Kitchen sinks also typically feature an additional hole for an auxiliary feature like a soap dispenser or dishwasher vent. A reverse osmosis tap will be installed in this hole, giving you clean water access next to your main kitchen faucet.

The entire installation process can be completed in generally as little as a couple of hours by our expert team of plumbers and these water treatment systems have an expected lifespan of roughly eight to ten years.

Most systems require zero maintenance and zero electricity, meaning they’re an incredibly efficient and easy way to get clean drinking water without the need for buying expensive gallon jugs or hauling flat after flat of single-use bottles back from the store.