Serving All of Phoenix and its Surrounding Cities

Serving All Phoenix And Surround Cities

Heater Maintenance in the Phoenix Metro Area

Our technicians find that many of the repairs they perform could have been avoided with regular maintenance. Plumbing & A/C Medic, has provided reliable service for heater tune-up in Gilbert and the entire Phoenix Metro area for more than 14 years. Regardless of how you heat your home, we can help you enjoy better performance and efficiency with lower home heating costs.

Advantages of Heater Maintenance

Scheduling regular tune-ups offers benefits for home comfort and cost savings. There are immediate and long term cost savings to scheduling regular tune-ups for your heating system. A more efficient heater will help you save money immediately with lower home heating costs. In the long term, you will save money with fewer repairs and an increased system lifespan.

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Regular tune-ups allow you to enjoy:
  • Even heating
  • A comfortable environment
  • Less frequent repairs
  • Lower risk of unexpected heater failure
  • Lower heating costs
  • Better indoor air quality
Dirt and debris buildup and minor problems can cause a loss of efficiency and added strain on your heating system. Changing your filters regularly and scheduling professional maintenance service allows you to get the most from your heater and enjoy reliable home heating, year after year.

Servicing All Brands & Typesof Heating Equipment

Whether your home is heated by a gas furnace, electric furnace, or heat pump, we can provide a heater maintenance in Phoenix & Gilbert to help you maximize performance and home comfort. Our technicians are well-trained and experienced in performing maintenance on all types of home heating systems. Additionally, they are fully background checked and drug tested for your safety and peace of mind.

We provide heater tune-ups for all major equipment brands, including Lennox, Ruud, Rheem, American Standard, Carrier, Day N Night, Trane, Goodman, York, and more. Our technicians are also trained and equipped to repair all makes and models, so if we find a problem, you can rest assured that we are capable of fixing it and restoring your heater to peak performance.

Comprehensive Heating Inspections & Tune-Ups

Our tune-ups are thorough, and all components are cleaned, inspected, and tested to ensure optimal performance. The specifics of what is included in a tune-up depend on the type of system, but you can rest assured that we will carefully inspect your system to ensure that everything is functioning at peak efficiency.

A typical furnace tune-up includes:

  • Testing airflow
  • Testing the ignition system
  • Checking the venting of the exhaust system
  • Lubricating all moving parts
  • Checking the blower motor operation
  • Inspecting and adjusting the fan belt tension
  • Cleaning and checking the burner and heat exchangers
  • Inspecting and tightening all electrical connections
  • Checking and calibrating the thermostat
  • Inspecting all safety and control circuits

In the event that we notice a problem with your system, we will recommend repairing minor issues. Smaller problems can quickly grow into larger issues, so we always suggest fixing little problems as they arise. We provide reliable service and upfront, flat-rate pricing for a heater tune-up in Gilbert, Phoenix and beyond as well as any repairs that may be needed to optimize equipment performance and home comfort.