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The Benefits of Installing a Garbage Disposal

If you’re considering putting a garbage disposal in your kitchen, you’re probably doing so for convenience’s sake. But what you might not know is that throwing food scraps into a garbage disposal (instead of your trash can) can also keep your kitchen clean and is even better for the environment. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of installing a garbage disposal:

It’s convenient. For most people, the biggest reason to invest in a garbage disposal is that it makes cleaning up easier. With a garbage disposal, you no longer have to worry about completely scraping off every plate before bringing it to the sink. Eliminating that step not only saves time, but also makes the cleanup time a little less annoying.

It helps keep your kitchen clean. Everybody wants a more sanitary kitchen. When you grind leftover food items into a garbage disposal, less trash collects in your home. This means your house will attract fewer pests and insects! Furthermore, the food that you place in the garbage disposal will be flushed into your sewage system rather than left standing in your kitchen where it can collect bacteria.

It’s better for the environment. While there are certainly environmental costs to using a garbage disposal, it’s still better than the alternative. Slate breaks it down below:

The decomposition of your trash in the landfill will likely result in more damaging greenhouse gas emissions, since the breakdown of your food waste may produce methane so quickly that it can’t be captured. By contrast, some wastewater-treatment systems are actually looking for more food solids, since that will make the process of converting waste into energy more efficient. And wastewater-treatment plants also provide a way to reuse leftover food as fertilizer…

As you can see, there are many benefits of installing a garbage disposal. Need assistance with yours? Call Plumbing Medic today! We’re more than happy to speak with you about your garbage disposal system. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more tips.