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Plumbing Tips for the Dog Days of Summer

Summer is a relaxing time of year. If your plumbing system is giving you grief, relaxing might be easier said than done. Think about how many times a day you use your plumbing system. After a while, it starts to add up. People tend to use their plumbing system even more during the dog days of summer. Here are some tips that will help your pipes go with the flow. 

Shower Yourself: Taking a long cold shower is a great way to beat the heat. However, it puts stress on your plumbing system. This could result in low water pressure. Luckily, a new shower head should do the trick.

The Importance of Flappers: If your house is the epicenter of social gatherings, your toilets are going to experience additional usage. When your toilet isn’t flushing properly, it’s time to invest in a new flapper. A new flapper will regulate the amount of running water in your toilet.

The Grass Is Greener: Water your lawn before dawn or after dusk. This simple tip can conserve more water than you think!

If you should experience any issues with your plumbing system this summer, do not hesitate to call us. Our phones are answered 24/7, 365 days for emergencies. We are proud to serve the entire Phoenix Valley area.