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How Pure Is Your Water?

If you have trouble with that question, we can help get you an answer. Despite the government’s many attempts to keep the water clean, there are still many contaminants in our water. Ironically, some water treatment plants are actually adding to the existing problem by putting fluoride and chlorine in the water. Drinking water laden with fluoride and chlorine has been linked with serious health problems; such as heart disease, immune system disorders, and respiratory issues. When your water looks and tastes okay, you might not give a second thought to how it is affecting your health. It is a silent killer that slowly chips away at the individual cells in your body.

Woman Drinking a glass of water

At Plumbing Medic, our goal is to provide the safest and cleanest drinking water. Pure water will benefit you and your family, along with Mother Nature. Our water purification options include saltless systems, whole house conditioners, reverse osmosis systems, reverse osmosis filter changes, point of use systems, lines to the ice maker or refrigerator, water softener, and water conditioner. The plumbers here at Plumbing Medic are extremely knowledgeable in water purification and can guide you to choose the option that is best suited for your home. Call us today for free water analysis. You’ll be able to relax and just drink it all in!