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How to Prevent Sink Drain Odors

Is there a bad odor coming from your kitchen sink? There may be some leftover food particles in your garbage disposal.  Fortunately, with a little deodorizing, you can eliminate these foul odors from your kitchen.

Steps to Eliminate Drain Odors:

  1. Turn on the Disposal – Turn on the disposal and run some water down the drain. This will help dislodge and clean the inside of the garbage disposal.

  2. Add Ice Cubes – Pour a few cups of ice cubes down your disposal and wait until the ice cubes have been crushed and cleared out.

  3. Add Lemon Peels – Throwing a few lemon peels and ice cubes down your disposal will help freshen things up and get rid of any noxious odors. Instead of a foul stench, you’ll be left with a citrus scent!

  4. Turn off the disposal – After the lemon peels and ice cubes have been cleared out, turn off your disposal and then turn off the water. You should be left with a fresh-smelling sink!

Repeat these steps to keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh and clean all year long.  If you’re still having trouble getting rid of your sink odors, give us a call! Our professional technicians are here to get to the root of your home plumbing problems. Visit our website to learn more about the services that we offer or give us a call at to speak with a member of our staff directly.

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