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How to Prevent Holiday Mishaps: Plumbing Edition

Ah, the holiday season has officially arrived, which only means one thing: there’s a plumbing clog on the horizon. Whether it’s the toilet or the kitchen sink, having an obstruction in a pipe is never a joyous occasion — especially when you have family over to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. If you’re trying to prevent a clog from happening, then here are some tips to follow:

Holiday Dinner

Buy a Trash Can

In your main bathroom, do you happen to have a garbage can? If you don’t, then you might want to run out and purchase one before your guests arrive. The reason being is this: non-flushable items (i.e., gift receipts) cannot be flushed down the toilet at any time. Therefore, your guest might feel more inclined to flush the debris, with the high possibility of clogging your toilet.

Decorate Minimally

Thinking about adding some small, decorative touches to your bathroom? Well, if any of your guests have little ones attending your holiday celebration, then it will be rather tempting to flush your decorations down the toilet. If you’re looking to add some holiday cheer to the most-used room in your home, then it’s best to keep all decorations off of the counter and high upon shelves to deter flushing.

Make it Easy

When preparing a holiday meal in your kitchen, some of your helpers might feel inclined to pour some cooking oils or food debris down the sink drain — which (you guessed it) leads to a severe clog.

To eliminate this from happening, then it’s best to keep the garbage can in plain sight during the preparation, in addition to including empty cans to pour cooking oil/grease in. This will make it easy for your family and friends to dispose of these items properly while keeping the drain clear!

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