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My Hot Water Changes Temperature After a Minute

Reasons for Inconsistent Water Temperatures

Getting your water to the temperature you want can be a little tricky, but usually unnecessarily so. There are many reasons why your water temperature might change sporadically. One minute your shower is the perfect warm temperature, then it’s not. It is like someone is throwing ice on you. It’s infuriating, especially in the morning. Let’s break down some of the reasons why this could be happening to you.


Competing Needs for Hot Water

There are plenty of things in your home that requires water. Appliances, other bathrooms people may be using while you’re trying to shower in peace, the kitchen sink, if someone is washing dishes, happens regularly. This can cause a sort of competition between who gets the hottest water first. Your washing machine will pull any available water from your home’s plumbing. That appliance can directly impact the temperature of the water you’re getting. A running dishwasher will pull hot water from your pipes. Your shower can result in suddenly becoming quite cold even if it was hot just a moment before.

Faulty Valves

It’s not uncommon for aging homes to experience faulty or degrading water temperature control systems. Underneath your kitchen sink, the valves for hot or cold water may have grown rusty over the years. They may not be as effective when controlling which water you receive. The same can be said for the temperature control valve in your shower. This can typically be easily fixed with a realignment or tightening of the valve to ensure that when you’re requesting hot water in your shower, you’re actually opening up the correct plumbing to receive it.

A Too-Small Heater

Sometimes our needs outgrow our planning, which is why a water heater may eventually end up being too small when it used to be a perfect size. Maybe your family has more members now than it did when you moved into your home. Now you have more than one shower running at once, which can mean that your water heater simply can’t keep up with the amount of hot water that’s being requested. You could be getting the last of the hot water right at the start of your shower and then the temperature can drop when you quickly run out.

Isolating the issue is the first step in addressing concerns such as this, but if you need any assistance even finding the issue or with solving it, don’t hesitate to contact Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc. for any of your plumbing repair and installation needs!