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Top Benefits of Video Sewer Line Inspections

At Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc. in Gilbert, Ariz., we provide video camera inspections before cleaning drains and sewer lines. There are great reasons to request a sewer line or drain inspection with a video camera. This process involves inserting a video camera into a sewer line or drain while we look at a television screen to see a buildup of debris. Here is a list of benefits from this plumbing inspection.

Video Camera Benefit 1: Protecting Your Property’s Lawns

In the past, the only way to find a clog in a sewer line was by digging a long trench on a property’s lawn to look for a crack or hole in a pipe. This process destroys the grass, shrubs, and trees on your property, and it can take several years to repair the damages.

Video Camera Benefit 2: Not Disturbing Your Neighbors

If you need to have a clog removed from a sewer line, then the equipment can make a lot of noise, disturbing your neighbors. With a video camera sewer inspection, our plumbers can locate the clog quickly to plan a drain-cleaning process.

Video Camera Benefit 3: Requiring Fewer Local Permits

When a plumbing company needs to dig through an entire lawn, the plumbers may need to apply for permits from local government agencies. By using a video camera to complete an inspection, it is easier to remove a clog or to repair a pipe, so we often don’t need a permit.

Video Camera Benefit 4: Knowing What the Clog Is Composed Of

A clog in a sewer line might contain hardened bathroom tissue, tree roots or thick grease, and with a video camera inspection, we can understand what type of drain-cleaning method is most appropriate.

Video Camera Benefit 5: Seeing If a Sewer Line Has Damage

In addition to finding where a clog is located, a sewer line inspection is an excellent way to see the damage inside a sewer line. When our plumbers know that a drain or sewer line has a crack or hole, we are also able to plan a repair to the system while we are cleaning the devices.

Video Camera Benefit 6: Our Customers Can Save Money

With a video camera inspection, our customers can save money because the drain-cleaning job is faster. We can find the clog inside a sewer line quickly so that you spend less money for the service.

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