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When Should I Repair My HVAC System and When Should I Replace It?

You never realize how important your HVAC system is until it stops working and leaves your home uncomfortable. In these situations, you may wonder whether you should have it repaired or simply replace the whole unit. This list will help you decide which option works best for you.

Age of the Unit

If your HVAC system is ten years or older, you may want to consider the pros and cons of replacing it. Newer systems have cooling mechanisms that replace older coolants with updated more environmentally friendly fluids. You also want to consider the energy efficiency of the model you are now using. You may be shelling out too much money in energy bills if your system is not efficient. If you have a newer model, it could be more cost-effective to have repairs done.

Frequency of Repairs

If you are getting your HVAC system repaired once a season, it is time to consider splurging on a new model. The cost of parts and labor can add up if your unit is consistently breaking. You would be better off financially investing in a new one. If needed repairs are few and far between, it would be better to hold off on getting a new system.

Value of Home

When you go to sell your home, replacing appliances can significantly increase the selling price relative to the cost of replacement. Before you put your home on the market, it is smart to replace your HVAC system if it is more than a few years old. In a buyers market, any advantage you can give yourself counts.

A Decline in Function

If you notice your house is taking longer to reach the temperature you set on your thermostat, it is time to get your HVAC system inspected. You may just need to have a few leaks in the ductwork repaired. On the other hand, it could be a sign of system failure. In that case, it is better to get a new unit before it fails entirely, leaving you sweating in the middle of summer.

Indoor Environmental Changes

If you notice a sudden increase in humidity or dust piling up far more quickly than normal, the culprit is most likely your HVAC system. Significant changes in your indoor environment are an early warning that things are not working as they should with your system. This is a great time to get an inspection to determine what is causing the problem. You could need your ductwork cleaned or it could be a more serious problem that requires you to replace your unit.

If you spot any of these signs of a deteriorating HVAC system, you will want to know how to proceed. Contact Plumbing & A/C Medical for all HVAC and plumbing needs.

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