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These Items Are Known to Clog Toilets

Toilets might be household staples, but that doesn’t mean they are multi-functional. A toilet is designed to handle a particular kind of waste, so it shouldn’t be used as a trash can under any circumstances.

Of course, sometimes, people don’t realize that what they’re flushing down their toilet could wreak havoc on their pipes. Although these products may seem like they were designed to be flush-friendly, they are almost guaranteed to cause a major clog and pipe trouble.

What Shouldn’t I Flush?

Baby Wipes and Paper Towels

Super absorbent paper towels and baby wipes clean up spills and messes easily, but they are not as easy for a toilet to flush. Even baby wipes that are labeled as flushable should be thrown in the trash; while they may make it past the initial flush, they don’t break down as easily in the pipes, and they could lead to a blockage over time.

The same goes for paper towels. You may not have a choice but to flush one or two if you ever run out of toilet paper, but in general, it’s best to keep them out of the bathroom.

Q-Tips, Cotton Balls and Cotton Pads

Everyday personal grooming items like these expand as they absorb water, which can clog your toilet and create dangerous pressure in your pipes. The more you flush, the more they bunch together in your plumbing, which is a disaster waiting to happen.


Flossing once or twice a day is excellent for your gums, but never discard dental floss in a toilet. While it may seem harmless enough in your hand, floss expands in the water and creates a net-like substance that catches debris, causes clogs, and can even break your septic system.

Cat Litter

Some brands of kitty litter are advertised as flushable, but they still pose a risk to your plumbing. Once they’re flushed down your toilet, litter forms clumps in the pipes that eventually cause your toilet to stop working.


This may surprise you, but bleach is a terrible cleaning product for toilets. In addition to posing a toxic threat to humans and animals, bleach is also a harsh chemical that erodes pipes and causes them to become less effective over time. Use an organic toilet cleaner or just plain vinegar to lift stains instead.

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