Dirty AC Filter

What Can Happen if I Don’t Change My HVAC Filter?

When you’re going for a walk and your shoelaces come undone, usually you’d spring into action and tie them. Now, when you notice that your HVAC unit has started to work a little harder than usual because of a dirty filter, would you have the same cat-like reflexes and replace the filter right away? The answer should be “yes” — and here’s why:

Dirty Filters Bog Down a Unit

A dirty air filter will harm your HVAC unit rather than help it. The reason being is that the pores in the filter are clogged and air will have a challenging time trying to travel through it. Think of it in the same regard as having a plastic straw with a slight clog at the end: your beverage will have a tough time trying to travel through it.

Now when a filter is clogged, it will cause your unit to work much harder than it should. This, of course, will increase your monthly utility bills to new heights — and if it’s not present at first glance, you’ll start to notice a startling trend in the months to come. Just keep in mind: when in doubt, change your filter out.

They Can Wreak Havoc on Your System

Remember those days in college where you’d stay up all night studying — and by the next morning, you’d feel tired and worn out? The same concept applies to your unit. Typically when you have a dirty HVAC filter, and your unit has to work twice as hard to produce cold air/heat, it will start to break down from the “stress” of it all.

If you feel as if your unit is experiencing this, some early signs can include, but not limited to:

  • Strange sounds are coming from your compressor.
  • Your home is not cooling down/heating up quickly anymore.
  • You have higher energy bills.
  • Your HVAC unit is needing frequent repairs.

While keeping all of these factors in mind, it’s essential to preserve your unit and make sure that you replace your filter regularly. On average, a filter is typically supposed to be replaced (or washed, if applicable) after approximately 60 days of use. If you leave a filter in longer than that, then that’s when turmoil may strike — and it’s something that could have been avoided since the start.

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