Common Reasons Why Your Home Has Low Water Pressure

Let’s face it: there’s nothing more frustrating than taking a shower, only to realize that you have low water pressure. And when that’s the case, it can seem like an utter mystery as to why this is happening in the first place. But before you put on your trench coat, bowler hat, and pick up your magnifying glass, here are some common reasons why your home could suddenly have low water pressure.

What Can Cause Low Water Pressure?

Clogged FixturesShower

Believe it or not, sometimes your fixtures can develop clogs — which will provide you with that dreadful low water pressure you’re experiencing. For example, if a showerhead hasn’t received a deep cleaning in quite some time, then there’s a chance that it could be backed up internally, leaving little room for water to travel.

Obstructed Pipes

You might have seen this one coming, but a lingering pipe clog could be the root of the problem. Just like a backed-up showerhead, an obstruction in one of your plumbing pipes will interfere with water flow and may eventually lead to low water pressure.

Aging Steel

While on the topic of plumbing pipes, there’s a chance that if you have galvanized steel pipes, they are beginning to corrode from the inside. And just like a corroding water heater, you won’t be able to notice that this is happening until it’s too late — since the tell-tale signs will occur over time, not right away. When this is the case, you’ll have to get them replaced by a professional.

Do You Think That Your Home is Experiencing a Low Water Pressure Problem?

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