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Essentials Every Homeowner Should Have

Whether you’ve lived in your home for two years or 20 years, your living space is never truly “finished.” Whether that’s replacing the washing machine for a more modern, efficient model or changing the brand of paper towels you’ve been using for years, nothing is off the table. However, there are a few essentials that some homeowners go without altogether. Not sure what those items are? Here are some things to consider purchasing:

Toilet Bowl

The Correct Toilet Plunger

Let’s start with the most essential item to have in your home: a toilet plunger! While you might have one already, there is a chance that you have a sink plunger instead. Typically throughout film and television, a toilet plunger is presented as a tool that is flat and pink. While that is commonly believed to be the correct plunger, it’s not. 

When purchasing a toilet plunger, you’ll want to make sure that the tool’s shape closely resembles a bell. This design will help create a powerful suction the next time you find yourself with a clogged toilet — more times than most, it will help save the day!

A Bathroom Garbage Can

Another essential to have is a small garbage can in your bathroom. Believe it or not, many residential lavatories do not have this little, important detail within them. Now, while some might think it’s okay to go without one, they might want to rethink that idea. 

The reason being is this: many individuals will flush garbage down their toilet, which will result in a pretty severe clog. Of course, the only way to combat that is to invest in a restroom garbage can — which can be purchased just about anywhere!

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

When you clean your home, what do you typically use to get the job done? For some, they might use an old t-shirt or paper towels, but what about investing in microfiber cleaning cloths? These new-wave essentials will help wipe away cleaning products in a streak-free manner. And the best part? Once the fabric gets a tad dingey, you can toss them in the washing machine and reuse them the next time you need to scrub down your home!

Spare Light Bulbs

Something that might go overlooked in most homes is having backup light bulbs. While we like to believe our light bulbs will last forever, they will eventually give out (usually in the most inconvenient of times). Of course, depending on your preference, it’s best to have LED bulbs, since they’re more efficient and tend to last much longer than traditional bulbs.

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