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The Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Climate control is one of the largest energy expenses, accounting for nearly half of any home’s energy costs. Installing a smart thermostat gives you greater control and automation when it comes to heating and cooling. Equipped with advanced features such as wifi, sensors, and algorithms to learn your preferences, there are many benefits when upgrading to a smart thermostat.

Lower Energy Costs

Smart thermostats are equipped with the technology and algorithms to learn your schedule and preferences, making it easier to set your home to the perfect temperature right before you’re due to arrive home. 

Track Your Energy Usage

Almost all digital thermostats allow users to track their energy usage. Generally, you can build a profile that tells you how your home’s energy usage evolves over time, how it affects energy costs, and how you can reduce those costs.

Adjust the Temperature from Any Location

With your smartphone in hand, you can adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere. Whether you’re headed home early or will be out of town for a while, turning your A/C or heater on while you’re out will no longer be a problem.

Learning Your Behaviors

Many smart thermostats have learning functions built-in. With various sensors, digital thermostats are able to detect when people are active in your home to know when your A/C or heat needs to be on and adjusts its schedule to reflect that. This helps with the setup process, changing schedules, and seasonal shifts.

Can Automatically Update

Many smart thermostats track local weather reports and make changes according to the changing temperatures or cold fronts or heatwaves. 

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