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Top Places to Put a Mini-Split

When it comes to comfort, everyone has an ideal temperature. For some, it might be a cooler room, where they can layer up if cold. Some like a warm and toasty home. Though it can be a constant battle to get the desired temperature, there is one energy-efficient solution. Cue: The Mini-Split. A ductless unit that can provide you comfort on a room-by-room basis. Especially in these three below: 

1. A Room That Your Barely Use

If you have a guest room that seems a bit drafty, or an added addition you only use when company comes, that’s often draftier or hotter than the rest, a mini-split can do the trick. These handy additions will allow you to get your desired temperature without the need to crank the heat. So everyone, in every room, wins! 

2. A Recently Converted Living Space

If you finally added that sunroom you always wanted, or turned your garage into a family room, adding in extra ductwork to your home could be a timely and expensive task. Instead, consider going for a ductless unit. Not only will it ensure your energy waste is low, installing is much easier than adding on ducts to your central unit.

3. A Shed or Outdoor Workshop

Whether you are handy and spend your weekends in and out of your shed, or you recently created an outside “cave” to enjoy some alone time, you’ll want to find an affordable way to keep it cool enough to enjoy. With the sun and outdoor heat, these structures can often get warm fast; that’s, of course, without a ductless mini-split unit. You can still hook it up to your regular central system while enjoying your new space any time you choose. 

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