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Common Problems a Water Heater Can Have

Something that doesn’t typically cross a homeowner’s mind, daily, is their water heater. And while this essential piece to the plumbing equation plays a massive role in your living space, there is a chance it can feel a little under the weather when you least expect it. 

Therefore, if you think that your unit might have seen better days and may need a visit from the “doctor” (plumber), here are some signs to look for:

Common Water Heater Problems

Smiling technician repairing a hot-water heater

Making Unsettling Sounds

Picture this: You’re home alone, and the minute you go to turn on the hot water (via the sink), you hear some odd noises coming from your water heater — startling, to say the least. Typically when this happens, there’s a chance that there is sediment at the bottom of the water tank. And if that’s the case, that will make your water heater work twice as hard to produce hot water.

However, the best way to prevent this from happening is to have your water heater flushed annually. This will help remove sediment and keep your unit in tip-top shape, giving the heating element at the bottom of the tank a chance to efficiently heat your water supply, without the added stress.

Only Providing Cold Water

Believe it or not, your water heater might only be producing cold water — nothing hot. And when that is the case, there’s a chance that your pilot light may be the source of the blame. Your unit’s heating element can be considered the heart of your water heater. The minute that “the flame” goes out, any water that’s in your home will be cold to the touch.

If you suspect that this is a problem, then your pilot light will need to be replaced. Once this essential piece is replaced, hot water will be restored to your home and everything will go back to normal again.

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