• I will use them for any future plumbing emergencies
    While having my shower redone we noticed corrosion on not only the shower pipes but also the pipes to the adjacent bathroom. Plumbing Medic was recommended to me by a coworker so I had them come out to fix it. “Wes” showed up and gave a fair estimate and got to work. He was fast, clean, and did exactly what I wanted. There were no “surprise” charges at the end like I’ve dealt with other service companies. They were great and I will use them for any future plumbing emergencies,

    - Zachary P.

  • As plumbing experiences go, this was an A+!

    Mike Roberts at Plumbing Medic helped us out of a crisis on a Friday afternoon. He was very professional, did an excellent analysis of the situation, fixed the problem, and was very interesting to work with. Here’s the story. While I’m somewhat handy, I hate and fear to plumb, especially old plumbing. Before my wife and I married, I once volunteered to help her fix the old irrigation system in her front yard. One thing led to another, and a few hours later the street valve was broken and the city was digging up the pavement with a backhoe. Old plumbing is like this. On Friday when the crisis occurred, I came home at about noon and a guest staying with us announced that water was dripping from the master bedroom ceiling. We had to leave on a trip at 5:00, so this looked pretty bad.
    Since one of the shower valves in the guest bedroom over the master had been leaking, we figured that the shower was probably the source. The guest and I got out the plumbing tools, turned off the outside gate valve, disassembled and examined the shower valve, and then put the stem back in so that we could observe the leak. I ran outside to turn on the gate valve and discovered that it wouldn’t open. Turning the handle, either way, had absolutely no effect. So now we had to fix the gate valve in order to fix the shower. I then went out to the street to shut off the main city valve and discovered that it wouldn’t budge. My first thought was that I needed a bigger wrench. My second thought was that I would also need a backhoe. Then I decided it was the time to call in a professional.

    I found a 24-hour service ad for Plumbing Medic in the local yellow pages (the internet now gives too much useless stuff to be helpful). In less than two hours (now about 3 PM), Mike showed up. After a short delay, he got the street valve closed without needing a backhoe, then he replaced the gate valve with a more smoothly working ball valve. It was now close to 5, and the shower wasn’t fixed yet, but the situation was stabilized and looking a lot better, so we left on our weekend trip. Mike returned the following Monday afternoon and in short order, the shower was fixed. While he was there, I asked him to look at some underperforming bathroom faucets and he did some analysis that localized the problem, allowing me to later fix them myself with a little compressed air. As plumbing experiences go, this was an A+. I’ll definitely use them to address some of the old plumbing issues in the house, maybe this time before they threaten to get out of control.

    - Lynn B.

  • The crew at Plumbing Medic are top notch
    The crew at Plumbing Medic are top-notch. They are all very professional, polite, and courteous. I’ve never felt that I was being taken advantage of or being upsold on products or services that I didn’t need. Over the past few years, my house has had so many plumbing problems (thanks to the oleanders) that I am on a first-name basis with a few of their employees. I’m very happy with the services that I have received from them over the last few years and would recommend them to anyone who has plumbing issues.

    - Craig M.

  • Professional, helpful, knowledgeable, honest, competent
    Our first experience with Plumbing Medic was when we had a slab leak. The first person, Carlos, to help us was professional, helpful, knowledgeable, and honest. I had a small complaint one day when they showed up late, but Mike, who is a manager, was there, and he made it right, and then some. The true test is not when everything goes well, but when there is a complaint. How do they respond?
    Well, Mike and the plumbing medic more than responded well. Even with the late start, they finished the major repair earlier than promised. The job was done professionally, and after drilling into concrete, left the area perfectly clean. And they even did some other repairs and adjustments while they were there. The service after was attentive as well. And they charge for the work was very fair. And yesterday, Mike returned and spent a lot of time, and he was able to fix things that had been done wrong and were left that way, for years. He was patient, friendly, helpful, honest, and the price was – again – more than fair. And yes, the phone people are friendly and helpful.
    So, the sum up. Professional, helpful, knowledgeable, honest, competent. Great to deal with. One of the few service companies where I feel safe asking, “Would you take a look at this?” If there’s nothing wrong, they’ll tell you. If there is something wrong, they’ll fix it correctly. And they’ll stand by their work.

    - Alan H.

  • I felt completely comfortable
    I felt completely comfortable being a single woman while Mike Roberts was servicing my filtration and plumbing system. I will recommend them to all my friends family and co-workers.

    - Johanna L.

  • The work has always done correctly on time at a great price
    I have had Plumbing Medic do work at my home and commercial building. The work has always done correctly on time at a great price.

    - Glen M

  • I won’t need a plumber for a long, long time. I would recommend them.
    So anyway, I walk into the laundry room and there’s water coming down through a drywall ceiling. Nuts.
    I needed help today and the very 1st plumber I called was booked up but suggested I give these guys a call.
    For starters, their phone people were off the hook professional and very, very nice. They advised that they could have someone out between noon and 2 PM and sure enough, their guy showed up on time. He found and repaired the issue in less than 2 hours and the total bill was under $125.0. When their tech left, he gave me a business card and for once, I actually kept it for future use although, if luck is with me, I won’t need a plumber for a long, long time. I would recommend them.

    - Doug S.

  • Plumbing Medic is a great company with outstanding results.
    Plumbing Medic is a great company with outstanding results. They come prepared and know what you need without overselling you something you don’t. I appreciate Mike Roberts professionalism and they run a tight ship here. I would rely on them for my plumbing needs.

    - Jason P.

  • You will not be disappointed!!
    I have used this company personally and as a home inspector have recommended them to my clients and everyone has been extremely happy with the results, especially the high level of customer service and their reasonable prices. I would encourage anyone needing plumbing services to give these guys a try, you will not be disappointed!!

    - Rich S.

  • These guys are the best. Reliable and Honest.
    These guys are the best. Reliable and Honest. I’ve used a lot of plumbers in my real estate business, and no one can touch these guys. Mike Roberts and his crew are totally professional, and above all honest. I only use them now, and highly recommend them.

    - Tom S.